amy + greg


I was thrilled that Amy was getting ready at the Hotel St. Cecilia. I had been dying to check out this unique, little hotel, and it definitely did not disappoint.




Greg waiting to see his bride.







Since Amy and Greg wanted to see each other before the ceremony, we had plenty of time for some fun bride+groom portraits.









Then we picked up some balloons and headed to a little field for some of my favorite wedding day bride+groom shots ever…



Amy’s dress was custom-made by a designer in LA, Magda Berliner. It was so gorgeous and unique. Amy, you’re a knockout!!




Amy+Greg are so silly with each other. Aren’t they adorable?!?


On to Mercury Hall for the ceremony. Check out all of the colorful details. They had haybales brought in for guest seating at the ceremony and draped handmade quilts over them, made by Amy’s great-grandmother and aunts. Such a wonderful idea.






Amy’s grandmother, “Gogi,” gave a beautiful, heartfelt speech at the ceremony.



Now this was one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen at a ceremony. They had everyone sing along to “All You Need is Love.” It was such a sweet moment that got everyone involved. Loved it!!







The coolest wedding officiant I’ve seen. Sweet threads! And this signature cocktail was created by Amy and Greg-a grapefruit, basil margarita. Yumm…..

Allright brides, you’re gonna want to steal this idea! In lieu of a guest book, Amy and Greg set up a photo booth with a chalkboard. The guests would write their well-wishes on the chalkboard and then we’d snap their picture. Then you could make a little album of all of your guests and their sweet/funny/kind words for you. How awesome is that?!?


On each place setting was a vintage handkerchief with a handmade name tag. Amy sewed these “Mr.” and “Mrs.” herself. Fabulous.

All of these flowers were done by Amy’s friend Allison-they were gorgeous!


These mini steak sandwiches were delicious!!


Here’s another first for us and one of the coolest things I’ve seen at a reception. Amy + Greg’s talented friends put together a shadow puppet show telling the story of how they met. It was just perfect and so entertaining for everyone.



And then Greg surprised Amy by serenading her with a Townes Van Zandt song, “If I Needed You.” That sealed the deal. You guys are our favorite couple ever:)




Jesse Dayton brought the house down! He plays a regular gig at the Broken Spoke on Thursday nights, and we’re definitely planning to check him out and do a little two-steppin’.

Amy’s grandmother made her famous homemade cookies for the guests. CJ affirms that they were absolutely delish!!


VenueMercury Hall

CateringWord of Mouth

Make-UpKatie Astoria

Hair-Shannon Briggs-Hack at Path Salon

Flower in Amy’s hairChrista

BandJesse Dayton

DJByrne Rock

Where do I start with how much we loved this wedding?? I guess I’ll start with Amy + Greg, one of the coolest couples we’ve had the chance to work with. Not only do they have fabulous taste in music, and a great eye for details, but they gave us an entire hour for some fun bride+groom portraits. And we got to shoot at one of our favorite venues, Mercury Hall. They really brought it to life with their colorful, personalized details. We enjoyed this wedding from start to finish and feel so very lucky to have been a part of it. Thanks so much, Amy and Greg! Congratulations to you both!

  • Stacy said:

    Oh my goodness! What to even say? These are AMAZING - and I LOVE all the details and special touches. I bet they are SO glad they had photographers as talented as you and CJ to make sure everything was captured perfectly! Awesome!!!

  • Wow....these are awesome. What a unique wedding and you guys captured it great. I love it when you guys have new blog posts up! Hope you doing great....

  • Sarah Q said:

    HOLY MOOOOOOOOLY!!!!!!!!!!!! These are flippin' fantastic!! Their details are SUCH a perfect match for your photography style ... I bet you were in HEAVEN the whole day! Great job, friend!

  • Katrina said:

    This was such an amazing wedding. I couldn't be more in love with their style and uniqueness! So Texas, so chic! Love, love, love these photos!

  • Alicia said:

    These pictures are so beautiful they actually brought a tear to my eye! What a wonderful day and what a gorgeous couple!!

  • Holley said:

    Beautiful! You guys did an amazing job of capturing all the amazing details. Umm, can I blog this on Weddingbee?

  • Becca said:

    Love, Love, LOVE! From the St. Cecilia to Mercury Hall...the most adorable Austin wedding shot by the most adorable Austin photographers! Love all the bright colors, and the boots, the quilts, the paper lanterns! I know you did too Jen! Great work!!

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  • Annette said:

    This is really one of the prettiest wedding and prettiest brides I have ever seen. Very sweet and the details are budget, friendly, personal and creative.

    I love that the laughter, they had fun and just kept their wedding like them but enhanced. It is so gorgeous without being cookie cutter. Take a bow and congrats on the pics, exceptional work.

  • Kate said:

    I looooove this wedding. I have a very similar color theme and am using tons of paper products. Any chance you could send me the bride's email? I would love to buy any of her lanterns that are still standing after the big day. Seriously, beautiful!!

  • Shannon Briggs-Hack said:

    I know I sound biased because I did Amy's hair....... but OMG!!!! What a gorgeous wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy, you look like a model!!! I love the pic of you in the field with cowboy boots on and the balloons!

  • anne mcquary said:

    I knew Amy when my husband & I lived in LA, and although I missed the wedding, your photos did a fantastic job of bringing tears to my eyes just like I was sitting on one of those hay bales. The details of their wedding were so perfectly captured, and you truly "got" them. LOVE these photos!

  • Natalie said:

    I came by way of Anna Maria Horner's site, and I have to thank you and her and the bride and groom and their talented friends and family... what a visual sensation this has been. So very beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations to all.

  • Sherry said:

    Lost for words! such a cute couple, out of this world details and they are not lacking in the personality department- are they? haha!
    Really great job! wow!

  • Modern Crush said:

    AMAZING! Found your blog through Anna Maria's post - everything is so over the top beautiful! Well done and Congratulations! <3

  • Kellie said:

    I don't know the couple, but your photos told a beautiful story. The bride and groom are so amazing and the way you captured them just made me smile from photo to photo. I also found your blog via Anna Maria's post.

  • Rachel said:

    I think this is the greatest wedding, and some of the best wedding photography I've ever seen. Hands down.

  • Megan said:

    These are unbelievable! I absolutely adore this wedding. Thank you!

  • cathy said:

    This is the most amazing wedding I have ever seen. I love every single detail here. And it is all shot so beautifully! Wow!

  • At my work as a wedding planner I always look for fresh ideas and inspiring parties. The look over the Atlantic helps me in it. To Amy and Greg I must say: Incredibly!! One seldom sees a wedding which is celebrated with so much love to the detail. And a big praise to your photo work - I am inspired. Lots of love from Germany, from Eva alias JAgentin

  • abbie said:

    What incredible photos and what a beautiful wedding!
    I'm so glad Anna Maria H linked to your site so I could see more.

  • Lisa Woods said:

    Jenn, these are amazing. A bride with style and a photographer with talent make a great team. You are truly gifted my friend!

  • Aura Kieswetter said:

    What a beautiful pictures, you and Dean were in my thought and prayers the day of your wedding.

  • These are absolutely "gorgeous" photos! My daughter-in-law went through multitudes of photographers for her wedding, as she wanted very particular "artsy" results. She was very pleased. This just makes me want to get married all over again. BEAUTIFUL and CREATIVE! Hope your life together follows suit. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  • Whitney said:

    This pictures are amazing!! Any chance that anyone knows where the groom and his groomsmen got those ties?? I LOVE them!

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  • Iam Amy' grandmother. Such an honor to be asked to speak at her wedding.

  • Debi R. said:

    My gosh, what a lovely wedding, what a lovely dress. I hope the day was a fantabulous one! And what lovely quilts!

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  • Sabine said:

    I LOVE this wedding, I LOVE the photos! Great wedding concept celebrated lovingly by the couple and their friends and family and documented beautifully by a very gifted photographer.

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  • Felipe said:

    All i can say it's a magnificent and beautiful wedding, one of the most simple yet beautiful celebrations i've seen on photograph. You can see so much union among the family and friends and u captured the moments greatly. Sincerely I would love to get pictures so greats as you both do, sincerely ur are an inspiration for many.. and for the couple my most sincere congratulations for this new path they both have taken and congrats for the idea of the wedding... i just loved it all....


  • pamela said:

    i love this wedding - particularly the vintage handkerchief idea! any tips on the best way to find cute hankies cheaply?

  • Ana said:

    All I can say about this wedding and your photos is "WOW"!!!!

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  • Katie Knepper said:

    Where did the bride get her dress!

  • CAn I find out info on where the bride purchased her drew or did someone make it for her?

  • Is there anyway to forward my email to the bride from this page so I can find out about where she got her dress or who made it? I would truly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

    Katie Knepper

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