Jessica + Steven {hitched}

After getting to know Jessica and Steven over the past year, and discovering what an awesomely cool, genuine, and stylish couple they are, we had no doubt that their wedding was going to be off the hook. But we were seriously blown away with all of their creative touches. Hot rods, bow ties, a tea-length dress, and a neon sign?!? All held at an historic Texas ranch. It was unbelievable. (Props to my talented husband CJ, photographer/neon bender extraordinaire, who created Jess and Steven’s neon sign with their motto, “Ad Vitam,” which means “for life” in Latin. And props to Jess and Steven for having such a brilliant idea of including a neon sign in their ceremony! Now sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of Jessica and Steven’s wedding…


VenueGeorge Ranch Historical Park

Cinematographers31 Films

Neon SignCJ Nichols

Reception BandBuzz and the Blue Cats

CakeTiny Boxwoods

Ceremony QuartetDivisi Strings

OfficiantAlan Safford

Floral and Decor Designer– Karen Plumlee

CateringJoe’s BBQ

Congrats Jess + Steven!! I really can’t believe how lucky we are to have been a part of your amazing celebration. And getting to know you wonderful people was just icing on the cake! You two are the bestest!!!

  • rebecca said:

    what an amazing little wedding. love all of your work. just beautiful.

  • Nessa K said:

    The couple was beautiful, the wedding was amazing, and really, I can't get over how talented you guys are. Every photo is really, really lovely.

  • Tali said:

    These pictures are - OUT.OF.CONTROL.

  • Steven O'Connor said:

    The pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! Jen & CJ are the best photographers ever & it was a blast having you guys as are photo takers! Thank you so much...they are awesome!!!!

  • Steven O'Connor said:

    *our...sorry just so excite about the pics!!

  • OMG, you guys just took my breath away. I love and adore each and every one of these and I have so many favorites! This is better than I ever imagined and I'm so happy that these are the memories we'll have of our wedding day, nothing could be better. Thank you, Jen and CJ for being so amazing and cool--you guys are so so so talented and you really effing rocked this!!! Our house is going to be like a Nichols museum with our photos and neon on the walls! We love you guys to death!! xx

  • Mary said:

    Jen & CJ these are the most beautiful, amazing pictures I have ever seen...I am awestruck!!! Thank you so much !!! xoxo Mary

  • Love every one! The one where they're walking down the middle of the trees is perfect. :)

  • lora said:

    I mean, seriously, does it get any better? :)
    I LOVE them ALL.
    those shoes and cakes are IT, too. So sweet. Great job again.

  • Rebecca said:

    Such and beautiful wedding and you captured it wonderfully!

  • Wow! I can't believe I haven't been to this site before. Just amazing! In love.

  • Addie said:

    I love this one, its just perfect - I can tell exactly who the couple is just from the pictures... oh, and I love the bridesmaids in the background for the first look!

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