Spring Folk Photoshoot {by The Nouveau Romantics}

I’ve mentioned before how creatively-minded our clients often are. Well, our former bride Liz is one of those gals that makes you wonder, “Is there anything she can’t do?” Liz is the talent behind The Nouveau Romantics, a wedding and event design studio here in Austin, TX. So when she asked if I’d like to collaborate on a Springtime shoot, full of fun details (and a beautiful bride), I was in! From the overall concept to the smallest detail, Liz’s immense creative talent shines through. This was such a fun project to be a part of!


Event Design and Florals- The Nouveau Romantics

VenueThe Wild Onion Ranch

RentalsMarquee Events and Loot Vintage Rentals

Stationary DesignMagpie Paperworks


DessertsBake Sale; Styling: Antiquaria

Tea towelEtsy

  • Gorgeous! Makes my heart go pitter patter! You'll have the planners drooling for sure!

  • liz said:

    I have to agree with Caroline - that last shot is epic. 'twas so much fun to have you on board Jenn, and I hope we have many more opportunities to do the same!

  • Sarah Bork said:

    Holy Cow! These are just gorgeous! So fresh and I love the framing and compositions! Way to go!

  • Lily said:

    What a gorgeous idea. The food looked so beautifully yummy. Love the idea of the plate insert menu.

  • damn, guys. this is gorgeous--so many favorite shots here; I especially love how white and bright the sky is on a few, it's beautiful! ps that strawberry shortcake looks delish. more collaborations please!

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  • Jess said:

    Oh my... I'm speechless - I want to live inside of this shoot for the rest of my days!!! That last shot totally deserves a movie - epic!

  • Dani said:

    Pretty darn amazing! Great job to all the vendors and especially my friend Liz at the Nouveau Romantics! Utterly breathtaking photography Nichols!

  • Debora Harmon said:

    Totally agree with Jess! My mind and mouth were smiling as I looked at the photos! The photos were perfectly done, the food was so fantastic I could taste the lemonade and strawberries! This is truely photos of my perfect wedding!

  • Stefanie said:

    How pretty! Really, really love the last image and how you were able to capture the natural light.

  • Tali said:

    Gorgeous! I can't pick just one fave.

  • Kayla said:

    These are INCREDIBLE! What a gorgeous shoot!

  • Liisa said:

    I'm going to steal one of Jennifer's lines and use it to talk about her [and CJ]. “Is there anything [they] can’t do?” Galavanting in fields with pretty dresses and tarts is always a winner when you have these two running the machines. Bravo!

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