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Seeing our work in print is always a treat, especially when it’s Laura and Erik’s desert wedding at Gage Hotel! I’m still so in love with Laura’s two-piece wedding dress and her air plant bouquet. So perfect for the beautiful West TX setting. Be sure to pick up a copy of The Knot’s latest issue at your local bookstore! And a big thanks to The Knot for featuring our work!


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  • ll: thanx dear!king: yes, at least they have a nice tree-lined boulevard. hey, cute schnauzer. how is his temperament?agnes: but for street food n coffeeshop food, kl is way better. i haven't eaten any good hawker food in sing :(ganache: can do tt at home mahhongyi: u r d one who's always busy.i feel we are loosing our bond...bbo: aiya, i am the one who need to learn frm u!denise: "open eyelid"??

  • Bonjour Francis et Yannick, c’est l’hotel Normandie qui vous parle! Notre photo de nous 4 est simplement magnifique!! Ca y est je suis de retour dans le froid en metropole!C’est le seul moyen que j ai trouvé pour vous contacter, j’aurais besoin d’info sur le canada pour peut etre un futur travail.Envoyez moi une adresse mail que je puisse vous posez des questions!Sur ce bonne continuation pour Mafia Rose c’est vraiment interessant.bye

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    Eh, I just looked it up and saw the Coens scripted it, but are neither Directing nor Exec Producing. That explains the Diaz casting and also will explain why it’ll probably be mediocre at best.

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    I’m beginning to think the whole reason the BC Libs gutted ITAC in the first place was to create a skilled labour shortage. Now they can claim we have “import” workers to fill that skill gap. Capitalists always look for cheap labour.